quarta-feira, janeiro 05, 2011

Please don't let me go
There are so many uncertain things out there
I would never know
how to dodge the bullets
or cross the right streets
I only know I'm right when you're around
Even when I am only in your thoughts
Even so
I feel I am in the right path

Please, let us just be
Pull up my collar and face the cold with me
Days have been all the same
For you have been distant
Oceans away distant
And all I needed
Was your lips one inch away from me

You're part of me
As we are part of the whole understanding
of the expression 'being in love'

(Luiz Guilherme Amaral)

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Rafael Sperling disse...

Interessante o blog de vocês. Deopis vejo com calma, agora to caindo de sono, hehe